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We offer a “Classic Car Valuation Service” for solicitors, insurance companies, individuals etc. Any condition welcome. We will also give you a price we feel the your car is worth, and a price we would return you, if you would like us to sell your vehicle.  For probate we also offer a “Modern Car Valuation service”, as well as a classic car valuation service, again with a price we can return you, and a valuation of your vehicle. Call our valuation team on Tel: 07831 381626

We Buy Modern and Classic Cars

We buy modern and classic cars. Any condition, any age, any mileage, any make and model. If you have a modern or classic car for sale, we could be interested in buying it from you. Call us on 07831 381626 for a quote. All calls treated in the strictest of confidence. We are also happy to advertise your car on our website. There is NO charge for this service. We are on the top of page one for most searches in Google for Classic Cars In Winchester.


We buy classic and modern cars
Winchester classic cars meetings
Winchester classic cars meetings
Winchester classic cars meetings
Winchester classic cars meetings
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If you would like us to hold a classic car meeting / meetings at your pub or Club, do get in touch.

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You can also call us on Tel: 07831 381626

The Future of Classic Cars

I get asked this question a lot. “So what is the future looking for classic cars”. This is my opinion, and my opinion only.

I have been in classic cars since 1989, and have watched them grow in popularity over the years. I have also watch the investment grow, which has been staggering. I know most classic car owners are not interested in the growth value, as it is a passion owning, and looking after a classic car.  But never the less they have shot up in value. But will this continue? Let us look at some of the  facts. For years people have been saying “will the bubble burst in classic car market?” Look at e-types now costing over £300,000 is some cases (I know you can still buy the odd few for around £35.000). But 17 years ago you could have bought a very sensible e-type for around £15,000 to £20,000. There are many classic cars like this now.

The next generation

So let look at the facts. I have a 21 years old step daughter and 3 sons who are also in their twenties, who do not understand what I ever see in classic cars. To the point they would “Not been seen dead in one!” Their words! So is there a next generation of classic car fans? Probably not in my family. Then I look at all the classic car meetings we had. How many classic car owners were under the age of 30? Not many. in fact, hardly any. So who are going to be the next classic car generation?

A cleaner planet

Then let us look at a cleaner planet. We all know that our petrol is changing, and the new grade will not be suitable for classic cars without additives. Is this going to create a problem for classic car owners?

On the subject of a cleaner planet. Everything seems at this stage to be heading for electric (2022). So are our V8 3.0l cars going to be frowned upon in respect of pollution? Or are all our lovely sounding classic cars going to have electric engines fitted with no sound? How sad would that be?

The high end classic cars

This is my opinion only. I believe the high end classic cars will always be desirable. I am talking about your DB5’s, Silver ghosts, Phantoms, Classic Ferrari’s, etc  The £350,000 upwards cars. Plus all the classic racing cars raced by famous drivers. Plus I believe all the older classic cars,  from the late 19thy century and very early 20th century will always hold their value. But I also believe the bubble will burst on the more common expensive cars like the E-types and the everyday classics which are plentiful out there.

Like I say, this is only my opinion. Drop me an email on your “Future of  Classic Cars” opinions, and I will add them to this website for everyone to read.

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