Our advertising options 

Why advertise this us? We have a large number of classic car enthusiasts and owners looking at this website on a regular basis as all our Classic Car Meetings are advertised on here. This website has regular content added on a weekly basis, and shows at the top, or near the top on page 1 of Google, Bing, Ask etc on any searches to do with classic cars in Winchester. 

The revenue generated from our advertising goes towards the costs we pay to advertise our Classic Car Meetings, Prizes etc, (on average £100 per meeting) and the running costs of this website.

ALL our Winchester Classic Car Meetings are free to everyone and have been since we started them. Our meetings have grown and grown. Our meetings now fill the front carpark, and the very large rear carpark at our venue. Plus we also get around 30 motorbikes and scooters turn up at every meeting.

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Here are our costs

For 12 months: A banner advert on one page (Not the front page) is £100. This will appear on one page only of this website.

For 12 months: The right hand site ‘widget’ advertising, which is visible on every page of this website, is £250 per year.

For 12 months: The headed (top of every page) advertising is £495 per year. Visiable on every page of our website.

For 12 months: The footer advertising (bottom of every page) is £395 per year.

You can also sponsor a Winchester Classic Car Meeting. This is where your company name logo and phone number etc will be on all the certificates we give to our winners, and on all the advertising we run, running up to the meeting. It will also be displayed on the wall at the venue of the meeting. If you provide us with flyers, we will also hand them out to everyone at the meeting. The cost of this is  £150 per meeting. (Discount package: £100 per meeting if you sponsor 3 or more meetings)



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