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Our 1984 Sinclair C5


August 2018 – Today we have purchased a rare Sinclair C5. This is a 1984 Sinclair C5. The launch date for the Sinclair C5 was January 1985. (Click on images for more pictures)

The sellers advert: Rare model, as this was made in December 1984. Good overall condition. Original tyres. Instrument POD and control box properly restored a few years ago by Radiomarty. Comes complete with the original horn add-on, genuine toolkit, and motor bracket. Chassis in good condition. Correct size car battery will be included in the sale. No longer have the space and I want to pass it on to someone who will look after it for years to come.

Sinclair C5 Owner – Recommended 

We have joined the Sinclair C5 Owners on Facebook. I would say the most helpful people on the planet. We had a small problem with our Sinclair C5, and the members on the owners club sent in lots of ways to sort the problem out. So  THANK YOU to everyone who messaged us today offering help. My Sinclair C5 is up and running. My great friend Dave came over to the unit, went through everything, plus took the black box apart, cleaned everything with WD40, reconnected it all, and if by magic it is all running well. Thanks Dave. (Picture: That is Dave in my C5)

Daves words: It appears that the main problem with Marks’s C5 was bad connections on the multi-plugs in side the control box… just pull each plug in turn, a squirt of switch cleaner (or WD40 if your stuck). Make sure you re-locate the plugs correctly over the pins when you re-fit. Wiggling connectors and wiring is a good way to see if there is a localised connection problem. It pays to have someone operating the controls and feeding back the LED status ?


….and then came the test drive to make sure it all worked.


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