Sinclair C5 History

History on our Sinclair C5

Here is the history of your Sinclair C5. I purchased the C5 in June 2014 from a chap in Burgess Hill, West Sussex. When I bought it, he told me that the C5 had been given by the Sinclair company to the local electricity board for free to promote electric vehicles. This would have been SEEBOARD at the time. SEEBOARD, formerly South Eastern Electricity Board (SEEB), who were a British electricity company. It apparently sat in their offices for many years, after which the chap I purchased it from acquired it. Your C5 is a bit special as it was manufactured in December 1984. This was before the official launch of 10th January 1985. There aren’t that many about that were built in 84. The Serial number on the centre column shows this. The label is a bit old these days, so it might be worth taking a picture of it to preserve the serial number. To my knowledge everything on it is original, apart from the battery and one of the inner-tubes. I’ve added the horn kit, the drive belt retaining clip and the tool kit in the boot. These were all original parts that were new old stock. All of the manuals from the time are available from here – I’m glad its gone to such a good home and it was good to see the smile on your face when you picked it up last night. I had the same when I picked it up 4 years ago. Thanks again. Tim

Arrival Pictures



These pictures were taken on the day of arrival to our unit. (Click on images for more pictures)

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